Empowering firms with advanced big data, AI-infused software, and comprehensive solutions from CRM to BI reporting. Elevate life sciences and pharma marketing with tailored solutions. Let ProcDNA guide your seamless journey at the forefront of innovation, where technology meets excellence.
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  • Auxo Suite
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  • Custom Commercial Software
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  • Industry Reporting Capability
  • Infrastructure Setup
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  • Commercial Data Warehouse
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  • Marketing Cloud Setup
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  • Data Governance
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  • AWS & Azure Data Lake
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  • CRM System Setup
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    Auxo Suite
  • Auxo HCP 360
  • Auxo BI Reporting
  • Auxo MDM
  • Auxo GI
  • Auxo D2I
  • Custom Commercial Software
    Fuel your business evolution with our custom software solutions. Integrating AI and ML, we optimize precision, streamline operations, and ensure regulatory compliance in the pharmaceutical realm. Innovate rapidly and make data-driven decisions with our agile, cloud-powered solutions.
    Industry Reporting Capability
    Enhance business insights with our specialized Industry Reporting. Expert consultants assist in selecting metrics aligned with your specifics. Our BI experts use tools like Tableau and Power BI, crafting customized dashboards for informed decision-making. Streamline and enrich your data-driven business.
    Infrastructure Setup
    Commercial Data Warehouse
    A flexible and reliable data foundation is essential for enhancing your organization's decision-making capabilities and supporting your business intelligence and artificial intelligence ambitions. We design data warehouse solutions which are made to handle, store, and analyze any kind of workload or data, keeping a check on security hazards associated with moving data between different environments or duplicating data. Our clients can choose to have their data warehouses in their preferred cloud environment, with choices for fully managed or self-managed services.​ ​
    Marketing Cloud Setup
    Elevate your life sciences and pharma marketing strategy with ProcDNA's expert guidance. Specializing in customized Marketing Cloud solutions, including Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC), we utilize industry insights to create robust infrastructures for enhanced engagement, streamlined communication, and optimized ROI.
    Unleash the potential of data-driven marketing and elevate your brand with our unparalleled SFMC implementation services. Partner with us to witness your marketing efforts flourish in the life sciences and pharmaceutical sector.
    Data Governance
    We provide data governance solution, using which companies can quickly access data for data-driven decision-making, protect it from illegal access, and ensure regulatory compliance by putting in place an efficient data governance approach. A complete collection of guidelines, procedures, and instruments for managing an organization's data assets at every stage of their lifecycle is called data governance. Data governance gives the entire organization better capabilities for data management, quality, visibility, security, and compliance by coordinating data-related requirements with business strategy.​ ​
    AWS & Azure Data Lake
    ​Large data quantities can be managed centrally with the help of data lakes and lake houses. We enable businesses to have purposeful data lake storage for querying, governance, and sharing and accessing open data formats so that they can expand analytics and AI. Data Lakes provide the framework for gathering and evaluating unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data in its original format for long-term archiving as well as for generating insights and forecasts and can process documents, audio, video, logs, texts, social media, sensor data, and video in contrast to traditional data warehouses, enabling AI, analytics, and app development.​
    CRM System Setup
    Navigate life sciences CRM with our expert guidance and comprehensive consulting solutions for seamless implementation​
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    1. CRM Selection: Select tailored CRM with ProcDNA's guidance.
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    3. CRM Implementation: Seamless CRM deployment with our collaboration.
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    5. CRM Integration: Integrate CRM seamlessly for cohesive workflows.
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    7. CRM Training: Empower team with CRM skills and knowledge.
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    9. CRM Support: Ongoing support optimizes CRM for continual value
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