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  • Key Opinion Leader Identification
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  • Patient Event Prediction
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  • Early Adopter Prediction
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  • Patient Non-converts Analysis
  • AI/ML Capability and Solutions
    Key Opinion Leader Identification
    In our Key Opinion Leader (KOL) identification project, specialized pipelines meticulously aggregate data from diverse sources—Social Media, Clinical Trials, and more. Advanced metrics and the Isolation Forest model uncover intricate relationships, enabling precise identification of top KOLs across various domains for informed decision-making.
    Patient Event Prediction
    As pharmaceutical companies navigate a growing landscape of approved drugs, ProcDNA employs advanced analytics to pinpoint and engage the right patients. Predicting crucial events in the patient journey, such as therapy initiation and changes, enables timely interventions by sales, marketing, and support teams, optimizing overall outcomes for physicians and patients alike.
    Next Best Target/Action
    Improve customer experience and streamline sales representative decision-making with a predictive model designed to boost product performance through customized weekly triggers for the target physicians, encompassing the ideal mix of channels and frequencies.
    Early Adopter Prediction
    Launching a new drug or facing a competitor's launch? Success depends on reaching the right audience at the right time. ProcDNA, through advanced analytics and machine learning, identifies early adopters by analyzing demographic data, historical adoption patterns, and social behavior.​
    Patient Non-converts Analysis
    Worried about low conversion due to patients enrolling into your program but dropping out before they convert into full-time commercial opportunities? At ProcDNA, we leverage the power of advanced modeling techniques to gain unprecedented insights into the conversion funnel, patient behavior, and journey. Our cutting-edge analytics platform processes vast datasets to identify patterns, trends, and potential internal and external barriers to conversion.​

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