ProcDNA Strengthens Salesforce Capabilities Through Official Partnership 

San Francisco, CA — [Sep 29, 2023] — ProcDNA is pleased to announce its official partnership with Salesforce, marking a significant step towards expanding its capabilities and offerings to better serve its clients. In addition to strengthening its Salesforce capabilities, ProcDNA is also poised to enhance its marketing automation and reporting activities using Salesforce Marketing Cloud and Tableau.

Salesforce, globally acknowledged for its versatile suite of business solutions, has consistently been a trailblazer in the realm of cloud computing. It empowers organizations with a wide array of tools and capabilities that span beyond customer relationship management (CRM). By harnessing the full potential of Salesforce, businesses can drive innovation, streamline operations, and bolster customer engagement, ultimately leading to enhanced overall efficiency. ProcDNA’s official partnership with Salesforce paves the way for an extensive range of opportunities and advancements in our service portfolio, enabling us to provide holistic and cutting-edge solutions to our clients.

Today, we are pleased to announce our official partnership with Salesforce. This partnership represents a strategic move to bolster our Salesforce capabilities, enabling us to provide our clients with a broader spectrum of cutting-edge solutions and services”.  – Ankush Kumar, Director Technology, ProcDNA 

We are excited about the possibilities this partnership with Salesforce opens for ProcDNA and our clients. Our mission is to provide innovative solutions that drive business success, and this partnership is a testament to that commitment”.Roshan Alvares, Partner, ProcDNA 

About ProcDNA 

ProcDNA is a leading analytics and technology consulting firm dedicated to solving commercial business problems for life sciences companies. Since its founding in 2020, the company has grown significantly and now has a team of over 130 professionals across multiple offices in the United States and India. ProcDNA leverages cutting-edge technology, data analytics, and scientific expertise to empower its clients with the insights they need to succeed.