Case Study 15: Integrated MDM systems while maintaining independent CRM platforms of two companies post acquisition​

Business Problem

A client was encountering challenges in the integration of Master Data Management (MDM) systems following the acquisition of two companies. The objective was to seamlessly merge the MDM systems of the acquired entities while maintaining the autonomy of their respective Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. The client needed a solution to ensure zero disruption to downstream operations, establish effective connectivity between the integrated MDM and individual CRM systems, retain distinct primary addresses and affiliations for each acquired company, and facilitate a smooth transition from Veeva Open Data to IQVIA One. Assistance was sought to overcome integration obstacles, minimize operational disruptions, and achieve a cohesive and efficient data management framework supporting the merged business entities.

ProcDNA Approach


Conducted a comprehensive assessment of MDM and downstream systems for both companies, engaged with Business and IT stakeholders to align on anticipated system changes post-acquisition.


Created detailed Requirement document capturing all business and technical requirements, including the changes required in the downstream system .


Designed and implemented ETL and MDM pipelines to meet specified requirements, followed by comprehensive System Integration Testing (SIT) and User Acceptance Testing (UAT) to ensure the system’s robustness and functionality.

Change Management

Conducted a thorough analysis and documentation of overall business and field user impacts, communicated findings downstream to facilitate a seamless transition, and minimized disruptions.

Client Impact

Data Consistency and Quality

Improved data consistency and quality across the organization, leading to better​ decision-making, reduced errors, and increased trust in data​.

Simplified Data Management

A single MDM system reduced complexity, simplified data maintenance, and improved data governance.

Faster Integration and Adaption

Simplified integration of new data sources and facilitated easier adaptation to changing business needs due to the standardized nature of harmonized data.

Improved Integration

Facilitated easier integration with other systems and applications due to a single, integrated MDM system, reducing integration challenges and enhancing interoperability.

Legacy System Retirement

Cut legacy costs, aligned with standards for compliance, and ensured strict adherence to evolving regulations and data governance, minimizing expenses effectively.

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