Case Study 8: Developed a methodology and forecasting process to track 340B sales

Business Problem

Our client, an Oncology therapeutic manufacturer, wanted to develop an approach to study the increasing 340B mix quarter on quarter

ProcDNA Approach

Customer Database

Build a 340B Customer Database using client data (such as chargeback and internal sales data) along with the HRSA database

Factor Analysis

Analyzed the factors that impact 340B sales (such as new 340B Specialty pharmacy contracts, or new covered entities)

Trend Forecast

Develop the account-level forecast for 340B trend

Scenario Analysis

Run what-if scenarios to get the range of 340B scenarios based on assumptions on rate of contracting, new enrollments and sales increase in existing 340B customers

Client Impact

Success Strategy

Provide strategic recommendations for co-pay card design and messaging and direct the overall strategy and role definition of the patient services team


Measurable Success

Set up an operations process to measure abandonment quarterly and report to senior executives

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