Case Study 7: Analyzed reasons for abandonment of new patient prescription for an oral oncology product

Business Problem

Client wanted to understand reasons for patient abandonment of new Rxs at a sub-national level – by region, by payer, by different level of co-pay

ProcDNA Approach

Abandonment Analysis

Developed reasons for abandonment using pharmacy payer claims data and specialty pharmacy data

Competitor Comparison

Compared client’s abandonment rate to analog products in the market to determine if there are pockets of imbalance

Market Research

Conducted primary market research to understand the qualitative reasons for high abandonment and the role played by different members of the care team (physician, nurse, office manager) in managing abandonment

Quarterly Process

Set up a quarterly process to track and report on abandonment

Client Impact

Success Strategy

Provide strategic recommendations for co-pay card design and messaging and direct the overall strategy and role definition of the patient services team


Measurable Success

Set up an operations process to measure abandonment quarterly and report to senior executives

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