Case Study 6: Designed the alignment for the launch of a diagnostic test for rheumatoid arthritis

Business Problem

Client ran ~150 speaker bureau programs annually which were a large expense for the commercial team. Sales reps saw value in the speaker programs, but the value was not analyzed effectively.

ProcDNA Approach

New Methodology

Developed a methodology to identify the primary drivers of the alignment (patient potential for the disease, concentration of Rheumatologists in the country, # of approved head count, and travel time within geographies).

Geographic Mapping

Developed the preliminary alignment using a geographic mapping software

Team Alignment

Reviewed the alignment with the core team and adjusted to account for feedback

Rollout Lead

Led the rollout of the alignment across the field teams

Client Impact

Success Strategy



Measurable Success

Completed the alignment in 2 weeks (vs. a traditional timeline of up to 4 weeks) during a critical phase of the product launch

Let’s Get To Work