Case Study 5: Measured the effectiveness of the speaker bureau program for an immunology drug

Business Problem

Client ran ~150 speaker bureau programs annually which were a large expense for the commercial team. Sales reps saw value in the speaker programs, but the value was not analyzed effectively.

ProcDNA Approach

Database Development

Developed a database working with the speaker bureau vendor to track performance and link it back to new patient starts

Quarterly Report

Developed a quarterly report to track speaker bureau performance (nation, region, district & territory).

Testing & Analysis

Analyze a 6-month ROI on speaker bureau performance using a test-control approach.

Client Impact

Success Strategy

Based on our recommendations the client established a national goal for ratio of prescribers to attend the SB, and speaker utilization was closely monitored and adjusted as DMs managed territory level variation in SB programs.

Measurable Success

Analysis showed that the speaker bureau program had a positive ROI and overall program was continued.

Let’s Get To Work