Case Study 3: Developed the size and structure of a neurology product

Business Problem

Client was launching a neurology product with a rare indication. Client wanted us to develop a commercial strategy and sales team size and structure.

ProcDNA Approach

Defined Process

Defined the buying process, key stakeholders at each step, and key brand objectives with the stakeholders

Key Roles

Defined the key roles (Sales Rep, Patient Services, MSL) that need to be developed.

Customer Universe

Developed a customer universe and segmented customers based on expected profitability.

Organizational Structure

Developed the size and structure for the key roles.

Client Impact

Success Strategy

Provide a data-rich understanding of commercial strategy that was used in other projects at the client (segmentation, field reporting).


Measurable Success

Enable the client to hire and train the sales team in time for a successful product launch in ~4 months.


Let’s Get To Work