Case Study 2: Developed a process to target physicians for a rare disease indication

Business Problem

Client wanted to find physicians to target for a rare disease indication.

ProcDNA Approach

Identify Drivers

Developed a methodology to identify drivers that indicate drivers of new patient starts. The model was developed with a cross functional team including Sales, Marketing, Medical Affairs

Model Development

Develop a model to estimate new patient starts using a variety of data sources (medical & pharmacy claims data, lab test data). Compare the model to actual new patient starts.

Flag Triggers

Developed a process to flag patient triggers in the CRM tool for the client.

Data Tracking

Tracked the follow up on patient triggers and addressed any gaps in the field follow through on patient triggers.

Client Impact

Drive Sales

Triggers are widely used by the client teams as a key driver of sales team activity


Measurable Success

Increased field activity on triggered physicians by 20% over a 12-month time period.


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