Case Study 13: Adopting a digital-first marketing strategy to gain an edge in a highly competitive Dermatology market

Business Problem

  • Release of a new product in a very competitive market required a flexible & scalable commercial and marketing strategy

  • Digital marketing often contains PII, which brings compliance and security requirements for storing, and processing data

  • Integrating digital marketing sources with traditional sales, claims, and marketing data to create a holistic customer journeys

ProcDNA Approach

Identify and Own data: Pharma companies are typically blinded from the rich marketing data. We established data contracts with marketing agencies, PSP vendors, etc. to get access to the right data.

Establish tagging mechanism to capture relevant information from digital channels

Set up a scalable and secure Databricks lake house to host, process, and analyze patient and physician datasets in a cost-efficient way

Leverage ProcDNA’s AI/ML model libraries to identify digital targets and generate insights to tailor the content, frequency, and timing of the emails


Client Impact


Increase in digital target pool


Micro-Segments created


Increase in campaign engagement

Let’s Get To Work