Case Study 11: Streamlined the commercial analytics processes for a mid-size pharma company

Business Problem

  • Our client was looking for a partner to manage multiple commercial workstreams; the work was distributed in-house along with 2 different vendors

  • Existing operations were often error-prone and delayed; weak coordination across vendors & different stakeholders

  • Analytics and insights were an afterthought; lack of informed decision making

ProcDNA Approach

ProcDNA interviewed client stakeholders and reviewed documents, issue logs, etc. to understand the problem areas and revamped the delivery model

Issues Identified

      • No documentation
      • Lack of coordination among team members
      • Operational mindset – no focus on insights
      • Broken processes

Revamped delivery model

Adopted best practices – Created detailed checklists and automated QA/QC framework

Created a single source of truth – Setup AWS-based Common Data Layer across vendors and workstreams

Setup multi-disciplinary team – U.S. + India Integrated Analytics team Cross-trained team members

Established prioritization practices – Created prioritization checkpoints and escalation matrix to resolve any issues

Client Impact


6 consecutive quarters of 99.9% accurate operations across Alignment, Quotas, IC admin, Reporting, and Ad-hoc analytics

Measurable Success

40% product revenue growth backed by a robust commercial and analytics process for a 2-year-old dermatology brand



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