Case Study 10: Last mile automation of a sales reporting process using RPA

Business Problem

The client organization is working towards a goal to automate 75% of their operational tasks by 2021. Their sales reporting process had a lot of manual touchpoints and was error prone. There were multiple instances of missing sales / double counting. The reporting cycle was running stretched by almost 25%. The downstream systems of IC and Call Planning were getting impacted due to faulty sales data.

ProcDNA Approach

Re-engineered Workflow

We worked with the team to re-engineer the process, added quality assurance steps and built interconnected workflow in Alteryx

One Click Process

To achieve the client’s vision of creating one-click process, we created a layer of Robotics Process Automation (RPA) which acts as orchestrator of the overall process to automatically pick data from various sources, run Alteryx workflows and push data into reporting platform

Client Impact

Success Strategy

The trust in the team’s work was restored and the effort saved was redirected to perform more analytics. The team also received an internal recognition for setting up a scalable automation framework for all the reporting engagements.


Measurable Success

The overall quality of the process improved significantly, and team saved 2-3 weeks of time every quarter


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