Measuring the effectiveness of Omnichannel programs: A question on the minds of many life sciences executives

Omnichannel marketing has been a buzzword for years, but the real challenge is achieving its full potential even after spending millions of dollars. From gauging customer engagement to scrutinizing conversion rates and the impact on sales, let’s delve into pivotal questions that demand thoughtful consideration.

  1. Assess customer engagement

    1. Are healthcare professionals (HCPs) actively engaging with our digital channels (websites, emails, social)?

    2. How does digital engagement compare to traditional interactions with sales reps?

    3. How often are HCPs interacting with our content and resources online?

  2. Scrutinize conversion rates

    1. What percentage of HCP interactions through digital channels lead to desired outcomes (e.g., product inquiries, samples requested)?

    2. How do these conversion rates stack up against our pre-commercial benchmarks?

  3. Evaluate content effectiveness

    1. Is our content resonating with HCPs, and are they finding it valuable?

    2. Are specific types of content (e.g., clinical data, educational resources) performing better than the others?

  4. Tune into customer feedback

    1. Are we actively gathering feedback through surveys and feedback loops to gauge HCP satisfaction with our omnichannel approach?

    2. Can we identify primary pain points and areas of improvement that HCPs highlight?

  5. Measure the impact on your sales

    1. What is the correlation between omnichannel efforts and actual sales?

    2. Are there measurable revenue increases attributed to our omnichannel efforts?

    3. Can we forecast the long-term impact of current/ongoing omnichannel endeavors?

These are some of the questions that can serve as a starting point to assess the effectiveness of your omnichannel implementation. We recommend setting up a solid baseline as you start implementation, defining actionable KPIs, and establishing a robust monitoring system. This approach ensures that you make informed decisions and set up your omnichannel program on the path of continuous improvement.